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Should we be doing a ‘healthy‘ halloween?!

As if we haven’t got enough stress trying to get everyone fed AND keep everyone happy, along comes the Halloween haul!

We hear that too much sugar is bad for them so surely we should put a curb on the amount that they eat, right? Or actually, probably it’s best to let them help themselves to their goodies when they fancy some because we know that ‘all food fits’?? We hear about the ’switch witch’ where their haul gets removed and a non food gift is left in its place. Maybe that’s the way to go- just get it all gone and OUT OF HERE!!

As a Registered Nutritionist and mum of a 12 year old and a 6 year old I know how fun Halloween can be.. and how confusing for us parents who are trying to raise happy, healthy children.

My undergraduate degree in Nutrition from the University of Surrey, postgraduate degree in primary school teaching and subsequent specialist short courses in responsive feeding all combine beautifully together to enable me to have a deep understanding of what it means, and looks like, to raise healthy children.

Inside, you’ll find helpful tips, thoughts and plans for how to ‘do’ Halloween. I hope you love it.