Hi, I’m Emily; Registered Nutritionist and mum of 2.

I’m glad you’re here.

I love to chat about all things to do with feeding future foodies! Come for a chat on insta: @feeding.future.foodies

I started my nutrition career in 2002 after completing my nutrition degree at the University of Surrey. Since then I’ve worked in the food industry, in nutrition research, qualified as a primary school teacher (early years) and now I work with families to decrease stress and increase variety at mealtimes.

My own children are now 13 and 6. We have always followed responsive feeding and the division of responsibility at home. I find it fascinating how a child’s feeding temperament can affect how they view food and whether they are naturally cautious or adventurous.

I am currently loving working with families running my new programme: Feeding Future Foodies.

Feeding Future Foodies is a 16 week programme designed to help families to reduce stress at mealtimes, understand the foundations of raising confident foodies & uncover the roadmap for long term strategies.

If this sounds interesting, book a free call using the ‘Nutrition clinic’ button to apply to the programme. We will chat together to explore whether you’d be a good fit for Feeding Future Foodies. I’d love to help if you’re feeling stressed about mealtimes. I also have a wonderful bank of other health professionals that I refer people to if I cannot help you.

On Instagram I share little tips and quick wins on feeding future foodies. My Instagram account name has recently been updated (it used to be emilycaroline_nutrition)
You can find me @feeding.future.foodies

Emily Longbottom AfN 21646

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