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  • Printable colouring sheets for children featuring a range of different foods!
  • Bookmarks Template
  • Range of food based activity sheets
  • Posters

If your child loves colouring and you want to promote a healthy relationship with food this print at home resource is for you.

When I was searching for colouring sheets for my 6 year old, so many are ONLY fruit and vegetables or ONLY ice cream and donuts!

I wanted something that promoted all foods equally – so I made my own!

The colouring sheets include a wide range of foods – from fruit and vegetables, to eggs, bread, milk and pasta as well as ice cream and cake!

Being food neutral is really important to me – to promote excitement about all foods; not only the highly palatable ice creams but including a wide variety of food.

We as parents are in charge of how often different foods are available to our children.

Being food neutral doesn’t mean thinking that all foods are nutritionally equal. We know that we need to eat some foods more often than other foods for long term health.

It’s all about calling food by its name – a cookie is a cookie, not a ‘bad food’. Promoting a love of all foods without guilt or confusion can help to encourage our children to become future foodies.

If you’d like to find out more about how to develop a healthy relationship with food for your child I’d love to chat with you! You can talk to me here


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