All About Snacks! eBook


All about Snacks!

Ebook all about snacks for children aged 5-11

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All about snacks!

The why, how, when and what of snacks for ages 5-11.

A simple, practical and straightforward guide.
Now I feel confident about snack time!”

(Lucy, early access reviewer)

This comprehensive, 57-page guide takes you through why children may need snacks, how to offer them and what to choose.

There are ideas for grab & go combos, make ahead recipes and a whole section on my top tips for packaged snacks.  For a more in-depth peek at what’s inside do check out the ‘All about Snacks’ highlight button on Instagram.

When you click to purchase you are agreeing to the snack ebook t+c



“I love the book. It’s so so well written and informative. Thank you Emily for such a clear and concise introduction to snacks. It has given me scope, clarity and confidence when feeding my children. I love the clarity around sugar/salt recommendations – it really made me think!
The recipes in the back were a highlight for me. They look delicious, healthy and were very appealing – even to my fussy three year old. We loved making them together, they were presented so beautifully and so easy to follow. Thank you, again. A wonderful resource.” Becky 

“I love Emily’s amazing approach to food and mealtimes. She’s helped us have calm mealtimes and we explore more foods together. The snack book is so informative as it shows what types of snacks meet the guidelines but also shows how to read the labels and know how best to support and feed my child. It’s already been printed and added to the fridge!” Michelle 

“It’s great. Really easy to understand. Not judgemental or critical of parents. Plus has advice on how to move away from current approach gradually if needed. Simple, practical and straightforward.” Lucy 

It’s amazing! Sooo useful and relevant and exactly what I needed to help me feel in control of snacktime. I used to constantly reach for the same handful of items but I’ll be honest, your term ‘mini meal’ has been a little bit life changing! So we added a bunch of new things to our food shop and snack time is a fun part of our routine again! Thank you! X” Susanna